The Agora was a central public space in ancient greek city-states. Visit our Agora for a one of a kind Greek shopping experince. 

List and summary of Vendors

  • The Icon Gallery

    Religous Icons and Gifts

  • Ark Imports

    Lamps, Jewelry and Ceramics

  • Beyond Bella Imports

    Textiles, clothing, jewelry, housewares

  • Chrysalis Bleu


  • Kosmima

    Bronze statues, t-shirts, hats

  • Penelope’s of Greece

    Fine jewelry

  • Simply Scentful


  • Greek Grocery

    Greek pantry items

  • Holy Trinity Bookstore

    Orthodox books and icons

  • Opa Gear

    T-shirts, keychains and cups

The Greek Food Festival Of Dallas

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You are welcome to purchase tickets at the door, however we recommend purchasing them in advance via Eventbrite to save time and skip the line.