Food and Drinks

Enjoy traditional Greek favorites such as gyro, souvlaki, lamb and more! Savor our incredible desserts while sipping on famous Greek coffees & cocktails. 

A La Carte Booths

Located in the Main tent

  • Dolmades $7

    Three tender grape leaves stuffed with a mixture of rice and seasoned ground beef, topped with Avgolemono Sauce Available at the Appetizers Booth

  • Pita & Dip Sampler $12

    Combination of three traditional Greek spreads served with pita, olives and feta cheese Available at the Appetizers Booth

  • Greek Salad $9

    Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, bell pepper, feta and olives, served with an olive oil and vinegar dressing

  • Greek Fries $6

    Potato string fries in a special olive oil blend, dusted with Greek seasoning and served with Tzatziki

  • Gyro $10

    Thin slices of spiced lamb and beef, served in pita bread, and topped with your choice of onions, tomatoes and Tzatziki

  • Greek Chicken $10

    Roasted chicken leg quarter served with lemon potatoes

  • Loukaniko Pita $9

    Greek sweet sausage grilled over an open fire, served in a pita with choice of condiments Available at the Pita Sandwich booth

  • Greek Burger $10

    Two 3oz Greek Burger Sliders, seasoned with fresh mint and spices, then broiled over Hardwood Charcoal. Topped with Tzatziki and our Scotty P’s remarkable Greek Pico. Served on bakery fresh slider buns

  • Feta Bites $8

    Six Feta cheese balls rolled in bread crumbs, and flash fried to creamy perfection

  • Spanakopita $7

    Three pieces of fresh spinach, dill and feta cheese filling wrapped in layers of buttered phyllo Available at the Appetizers Booth

  • Tiropita $7

    Three pieces of four-cheese (feta, parmesan, cottage and cream cheese) filling wrapped in layers of buttered phyllo Available at the Appetizers Booth

  • Greek Pasta $8

    Orzo with grape tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, orange pepper, Kalamata olives, fresh basil and feta cheese, topped with a specialty spiced olive oil and lemon dressing

  • Lamb Chops $12

    Two Greek style lamb chops grilled over hardwood charcoal with a specialty blend of Greek seasoning

  • Lamb Sliders $10

    Two sliders of rotisserie roasted lamb, served on a bun and a topping of Tzatziki

  • Souvlaki Pita $9

    Chicken or Pork "Greek-style" shish-kabob grilled over an open fire, served in a pita and topped with condiments Available at the Pita Sandwich booth

Sweets & Desserts

A la Carte Booths Located in the Courtyard

  • Loukoumades $5 / $9

    Six or Twelve Greek style doughnut holes fried to golden perfection, topped with warm honey syrup

  • Cotton Candy $7

    Available in the Children's Area

  • Baklava Cheesecake $7

    Vanilla cheesecake with graham cracker crust topped with baklava crumbles and chocolate sauce

  • Baklava Sundae $6

    Vanilla ice cream topped with baklava crumbles


Bakery Located in the Courtyard

  • Baklava $15 / $24

    Six or twelve pieces of Flaky layers of phyllo pastry filled with spiced, sweet walnuts and drenched in a honey syrup

  • Almond Cookie $14 / $25

    Six or twelve Greek macaroon-style almond cookies

  • Melomakarona $12

    Six spiced cookie scented with orange, drenched in a honey syrup and topped with sweet walnuts

  • Sesame Cookie $15

    Twelve sweet butter cookies rolled in sesame seeds

  • Paximadia $15

    Twelve Greek biscotti-style cookies, choice of lemon or spiced

  • Koulourakia $15

    Twelve twisted butter cookie with hints of vanilla

  • Kourambiedes $15

    Six butter cookie with toasted almonds, covered in powdered sugar

  • Pastry Sampler A $18

    Four Pieces of Baklava, four Melomakarona, four Kourambiedes

  • Pastry Sampler B $18

    Three pieces Baklava, three Melomakarona, three Kourambiedes, three Sesame cookies

  • Pastry Sampler C $12

    Two pieces of Baklava, two Melomakarona, two Kourambiedes

Coffee & Tea

The Kafenio is Located in the Courtyard

  • Greek Coffee $5
  • Greek Frappe $5
  • American Iced Tea $2
  • American Coffee $3


Located next to main Tent

  • Domestic Beer $7
  • Greek Beer $8
  • Wine by the Glass $6
  • Wine by The Bottle $28
  • 2 Bottles of Wine $50
  • Aegean Breeze $10
  • Water $2

    Water is available at the bar, as well as all food booths

The Greek Food Festival Of Dallas

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